MV from K-drama “Another Oh Hae Young”

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The k-drama "Another Oh Hae Young" is so good! It makes you laughing. It makes you crying. It makes you feeling warm. It makes you feelings angst. It makes you wish sometimes to hit either the female lead, or the mail lead. It makes you thinking about the value of every minute in your life today. … Продовжувати читання MV from K-drama “Another Oh Hae Young”

complete C-novel “Eight Treasures Trousseau” (108 chapters)

C-novel "Eight Treasures Trousseau" has 108 chapters. It was beautifully translated by Dreams of Jianghu This novel is about the transmigrated girl who waked up as a Di daughter of the Yi’an Marquis House. She has an arranged marriage with Xian Jun Wang (the Male Lead) who is leading undercover struggle for the Emperor's position. … Продовжувати читання complete C-novel “Eight Treasures Trousseau” (108 chapters)